The Carrie Hill Collection

Carrie Lillian Hill (1875 - 1957)

About Us

We are the remaining extended family of Carrie Lillian Hill [1875 - 1957]. We knew Carrie personally and visited her Birmingham studio [where she lived] as children. Her parents and siblings were our grandparents and great grandparents or great aunts and uncles.

Committed to art as a profession, Carrie supported herself by exhibiting and selling her work locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally and by teaching art in her Birmingham studio. In recent years several paintings have been sold at auction.

We are interested in locating Carrie Hill paintings and would like you to contact us with any information in this regard. We would appreciate your sending us a 5x7 @ 300 dpi jpeg of the Carrie Hill painting in your possession along with information about its whereabouts. Send the jpeg file to Dr. Julius E. Linn so that we can evaluate it, and perhaps date it.

We are interested in obtaining any paintings that might be available; but we would also be glad to assist current owners in the donation of legitimate Carrie Hill works to various regional and southern museums where her work can be catelogued and properly archived.

Our mission as a family is to preserve Carrie's body of work for future generations to enjoy.

The book, Art of the New South: Women Artists of Birmingham, 1890-1950 is available through the Birmingham Historical Society. It showcases the lives and work of eight charter members of the Birmingham Art Club; one of which was Carrie Hill. You are encouraged to read pages 40-89 for a grand introduction to "one of Birmingham's most highly regarded artists, and one of the city's leading spokespersons for art."

We will look forward to hearing from you!